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Unk. Carr and Mary (Polly) Davis

Based on marriage records indicating Mary Carr was a widow.  Practice at the time was to maintain your married name unless you remarried. 

Husband:   Unk. Carr


When Mary Carr was married to Moses Davis in 1787 she was listed in the records as being a widow.  When Sarah Carr married Robert Simonton 26 Oct 1790 she was listed as the daughter of Mary Davis and it was Moses and Mary Davis who gave consent for the marriage, indicating Sarah was still quite young.

Based on these records it is assumed she was married to a Mr. Carr at one point but no records linking this have been found as of yet.

Wife:   Mary (Polly) Davis

Father: Unknown Carr
Mother: unk.
Other Spouses: Samuel Case, Henry McMillin, Moses Davis
Other Children: Elizabeth (Betsy) Case, Samuel Davis Case, Hannah Case, Peter Case, Nathaniel Case, Rachel Case, Aaron Case, Nancy Case

Since we are focusing on the Davis connection I am using Mary (Polly) Davis.  I really suspect Polly as her original maiden name and the search goes on. 

I have confirmed at least four marriages.  I believe that is all.  All names in order;

Polly ~ Carr ~ Davis ~ Case ~ McMillin

Mary Carr married Moses Davis 8 Nov 1787 in Nelson Co., KY with Samuel Davis standing in surety.  Mary Carr was listed at that time as being a widow.

Marriage records have an entry on 26 Oct 1790 showing Robert Simonton wed to Sarah (K)arr, daughter of Mary Davis, surety David Crable.  Consent for this marriage was granted by the parents, Moses and Mary Davis.

Samuel Case and Mary Davis on 21 Jan 1795.

Preble Co., OH records show Mary Case marrying Henry McMillin on 9 Dec 1819.  This would indicate Samuel died between 1816 (tax) and 1819 (remarriage).
After Mary Davis remarried her children filed a lawsuit for division of property left by Samuel Davis.

In 1825 Samuel D. Case, "born prior to the marriage" brought a seperate suit against her.  His full name being Samuel Davis Case it is assumed he is the son of Moses and Mary Davis yet there are no records found so far to verify this conclusion.

Female  Child 1:   Sarah Carr

Spouse: Robert Simonton