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Moses Davis Male


Comments: According to the Marriage records of Nelson Co., KY Moses married Mary Carr on 8 Nov 1787 with Samuel Case standing surety for them.  Mary Carr was listed as being a widow at the time.

Moses's Family

Spouse: Mary (Polly) Davis married 8-Nov-1787
Children: Samuel Davis Case
Marriage records of Nelson Co., KY. 
Samuel Case stood in surety (One who is a guarantor for another person.) for the marriage of Moses Davis to Mary Carr, noted as being a widow.

This is proof of a strong friendship already in place between the Case and Davis family.  American Revolution records suggest Samuel and Moses's fathers (Giles and Nathaniel Burton)  had both served in the Pennsyvania Continental Line.

It also shows evidence that Mary Carr was married prior to this.  In all the family records passed down Polly has been in perenthesis, assumed to be her nickname.  I suspect it is her Maiden name. 

Anyone ready to start tracing the Polly family??  :o0

Moses's Heritage

Parents: Giles Davis, unk.