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Giles Davis and unk.


Husband:   Giles Davis


Prior to the discovery of the marriage record between Moses Davis and Mary Carr it was assumed Giles was Mary's father.  This was due to his name appearing as such on land records in Preble Co. OH after Samuel Case's death.  I believe, with surety, Giles is Moses's father and Mary Carr's father-in-law.  Since arriving in Ohio from Kentucky none of the neighbors knew them as anything but father and daughter, as they appeared to remain close.

There is a Giles Davis that served with a Nathaniel Case on the Penn. Continental Line during the American Revolution.  Although it has not been proven, it is widely accepted he is the same Giles and the Nathaniel Case was Samuel Case's father.  It is known that Giles and Samuel were neighbors in Nelson Co., KY and that they moved as a joint effort to Preble Co., OH.  There is no record of Nathaniel Butler Case in OH. 

Giles Davis did serve in the War of 1812 with his son-in-law and his brother George Case.

Tax records of Preble Co. show him paying in 1810, 1811 and 1816 for S1, T6, R2.

Based on the tax records we know Giles purchased his parcel one year before either Samuel or George.

This property is near both Samuel Case's (S6, T6, R2) and George Davis's (S12, T7, R2)

This would leave one

Wife:   unk.



Male  Child 1:   Moses Davis

Spouse: Mary (Polly) Davis
Children: Samuel Davis Case

According to the Marriage records of Nelson Co., KY Moses married Mary Carr on 8 Nov 1787 with Samuel Case standing surety for them.  Mary Carr was listed as being a widow at the time.