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Preview of Camargo, Illinois

Bold Pioneers

Surnames; Richman, Gill, Hammet,
Moss, Bragg, Bradshaw, Murdock, Watson


Thank you for stopping in to read through the workings of this new view on the life of John A. Richman. I believe he truly represents the end of an era in regards to both bee hunting and 'coureurs de bois.'

Please let me know honest feedback in regards to content and accuracy of information. This is meant to be an entertaining, non-fictional sketch of the times. It will grow over the years as more people read it and grow the information while improving the content.

For me, I have become near obsessed with this fascinating story. I will be putting together a fictional title tentatively named "There, Damn Ye; Tales of John Richman." Anyway, thanks again for your time and ideas. When finished I will be sending out copies of updated GEDCOM files, this story and exerpts from the fictional tale in an interactive CD format.

Ok, follow the link below for the first two parts of the account.

Preview Camargo History