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Elections: What went wrong?
For many years it has been decided, through populace elections, who will lead in a Democratic Republic or similiar method of governance.  On the surface it appears to be a sound system of selection.  Yet, with history as our teacher, we see the actual application growing more fraudulent with the aging of a government based on elective representation.

Long thought to be superior than any form of totalitarian rule or heriditary regime as we study the examples available are we to trust in any form of electorial guidance or implementation?  How can the elected process be revamped to take advantage of todays technology and our long arms of shared citizneship?  Do we need to develop any form of Earth wide oversight and what can we learn from history to insure, to the best of our ability, it will not fall to corruption.  Come to the UC Earth forum and share your views and inputs as we develop a solid solution to todays methods.  Think outside the box.  What will be your role in history?

I look forward to sharing this planet with you.      
Gene E.,Fictional Host, UC Earth