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    The words you are about to read are presented in a spirit of open admiration and respect to the people sharing this Earth with me.  It is a fictional document that is presented merely for the contemplation and enjoyment of those who read and understand the true intent of their meaning.  That being said, I present to you:


    Based on the realization that all people, irrespective of government control or influence, share common core goals we join together as citizens of Earth, in a singular voice.  Collectively, above the uproars of all governments, pronounce that there are strong truths spoken in the words "All men are created equal."  As such, all inhabitants of this Earth shall not subjugate, nor subordinate, themselves rather they shall rise in the realization that "We the People," in these technologically advanced times, truly stretches over all lands to encompass any and all living upon it.
    Encroachment of these concepts has, throughout history, been accomplished repeatedly yet shall from this day forth no longer be allowed to repeat nor suppress any citizens of Mother Earth.  All governments shall, from this date forward, be in full understanding that the citizenry steps independent for the purpose of uniting under a banner of friendship, understanding and tolerance of individual views, beliefs, desires, liberties and abilities to form a unified relationship.  Such relationship shall not be tarnished by past tyranny, oppression or abuse resultant of the leadership decisions holding positions of usurped authority whether it be in the form of hereditary, elected, appointed or obtained and held through military means.

    Current governments no longer shall have powers, jurisdiction, input nor funding to make decisions effecting the citizens solely on the premise of birth, national origin or borders.  Those all-current governments are hereby declared null and void of any and all authority.  Those serving as leaders, whether in position based on election, lineage, siege or other manner, shall prepare to return and rejoin the population as equal citizens of Earth.  All treaties, debts and borders having been established by and between government level agreements are hereby dissolved.

    Replacing all forms of government shall be known as, for the purpose of clear identification and recognition, The Unified Citizens of Earth.  No regime or military force shall be granted, nor tolerated to usurp, any rights of suppression of this action.  As such, all governments shall stand down and be counted as equal citizens rather than authoritative controller or decision-maker for the people of Earth.

    National identities and heritage may always freely continue for purposes of individual passions, pleasure and pride. No longer will nations be recognized as a means of neither separation of rights, control nor intrinsic requirement of servitude to said nation.  Equality of freedom and independence shall be vested in all people and no other person or groups shall have or be given control of others outside of inherent rights of naturally formed families.

    Freedoms of the people are connected directly with responsibility for respect of all other people of Earth.  Being equal citizens, any form of physical violence, theft or degradation of another's freedom are unwarrantable.  Usurpation shall be viewed intolerable with the act being controlled through personal loss of freedoms.  Guidance and oversight is given to the lowest levels of natural community living through joint council of citizens closest to the individual attempting any such usurpation.

    Peaceful interaction, trade and association will be viewed as a proper behavior. Disruption of any of these, for the purpose of gain, by any person or group, through violence also will be viewed as an intolerable act.  Defense against violence shall be deemed warranted only during the actual occurrence of attack..  Perpetual violence, as well as the act of perpetrating, is also intolerable.  

    Based on current knowledge available on our universe it is declared that, at present, we are under no threat of attack from another planet or by any beings not currently residing on Earth.  As such, there will be a global military disarmament with all citizens pledging support for individual security and freedom to pursue common core goals.  

    With all convenient speed, and without causing any destruction, or carrying away of properties citizens unite in the effort of granting aide in the withdrawal of former military members passage to the home of their choice.  Weapons used in former military locations shall be left stored and accounted for at their present location.  The citizens living nearest the location of storage based on agreed and presented criteria will determine their final status.

    Status determination of the armaments are provided as a matter of three agreed alternatives as follows:
   Maintaining them in their current locations with storage expense responsibility supported by citizens who desire this alternative.  
   Destruction of the armaments in coordination and cooperation of all like-minded citizens.
   Even distribution of armaments with allowance of citizens to provide their segment into the economy.

    Business enterprises shall be allowed to continue while government enterprises shall fall, initially, into the employee owned control of the workers employed as of the date this proclamation is announced as reality rather than fiction.  This shall be maintained until such time as ownership and responsibility shall be commercially, mutually and peacefully transferred.

    An international website will be established to determine the interest and appeal of a single monetary system for the purpose of easing the ability to do business one with another.  Market prices, interest rates and all manner of business decisions will be left to the free market control of competition, supply and demand.  Consumer disputes of any nature will be resolved at the lowest possible level.

    People being held against their will, classified as political prisoners, prisoners convicted of committing non-violent, victimless crimes and each and every refugee shall be set at liberty and afforded the same courtesies and assistance as former military members.  Prisoners accused and/or convicted of violent crimes shall have their cases reviewed.  The final standing of each person shall fall under the responsibility and council of the citizens with all due, fair process of laws and humanities considered.

    Any and all charitable efforts will be allowed continued, uninterrupted service with government resources tied to charity presented to the citizens for management of operations and continued implementation of efforts as deemed fit and ethical by the citizens closest to the assets.  A like determination will be made for any and all government resources and assets.  Any and all monetary debts owed between world governments shall be declared forever absolved.

    Citizens shall work closely to insure damages and losses resulting from the implementation of this document, diversely effecting fellow citizens are equitably resolved in an expedient manner.  Disputes shall be settled at the lowest organized level without rise to violence or threats of any manner.  In an effort to reduce the burden possibly resulting from this decision, all laws and rules, which would, in the end, convict a person of a victimless crime, shall be stricken.  The Internet will be used to decide if changes in laws are required based on inputs from as many citizens as possible.

    It is recognized, lest the Earth fall into pure anarchy, that success of the Unified Citizens of Earth is based on certain paramount pledges all people must make one with the other.  Chief to these is the truth that no blessings of liberty can or will be preserved by the people without adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, and mutually unwavering respect for each other.  Success can only be achieved through reason and conviction, never by force or violence.  It shall be a mutual duty for all to maintain forbearance, love and charity towards one another at all times.

    I personally assert this document is penned under my hand as a work of evolving fiction.  There is no desire or malice for any disruption in the stability of society.  Purely delivered as a thought provoking vision of a unified Earth and insights into the glory of liberty for each and every human now living as well as those who would inherit the resulting prosperity and peace.

    **Requests for publication  (in any form), comments, suggestions or constructive criticisms may be sent to me via e-mail at Woody's UCEarth Mail.  Death threats and negative, degrading slanderous thoughts may be kept to yourself in order to begin your first step in understanding the heart and soul required by each of us to actually make this fiction a reality.

Copyright © July 1, 2000
Gary C. Wood
All rights reserved.

Note:  A bibliography is being prepared and will be available as an attachment     soon.  Any person interested in providing a translation of this work that     retains it's true meaning please contact me at Woody's UCEarth E-Mail