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UCEarth E-Mail!!:  It is just a great service. Very simple yet powerful. As good or better than our search engine. It's free, secure and sends a message. Your new address will be ( It speaks volumes about who you are and about our growing fictional world. You See Earth, Everyone, in one net, surviving and thriving together. Sign up today and check it everytime you come to our homepage. Or, you can do what I did, make UCEarth your homepage of choice!

Becoming a Pledged Citizen:  You can become a founding member of the UCE simply by accepting an oath to pledge honor and respect to your fellow members of the family mankind.  Follow the link to learn more and learn how your participation as a Pledged Citizen will go a long way.  Just look for the folder at the UC Earth Forum. nbsp;BTW; bring a character and your imagination!

Please check in our happenings section often.  As the captain discovered, this is where all the news and gatherings are going to appear.  If you are a Citizen of Unifed Earth, please let us know if you have any happenings you want to promote.  We will be happy to help get the word out after reviewing your request.

Subject: A Happening for UCE