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Name Index

Female Barbara Ann

Female Sarah
Male Unk.
Male Unknown

Male Aaron
Female Elizabeth (Betsy)  (b.1795)
Female Hannah  (b.1799)
Female Mary E.
Male Meshoch
Female Nancy
Male Nathaniel
Male Nathaniel Butler
Male Peter  (b.1806)
Female Rachel
Male Samuel
Male Samuel Davis
Female Sarah Addline  (b.1830)

Male Elisha
Male Giles
Female Mary (Polly)
Male Moses

Male David
Male Eliza A.  (b.1822)
Male James  (b.1826)
Male William  (b.1828)

Male Andrew
Female Anna
Male Thomas

Female Lydia  (b.1808)

Male Henry

Male Robert

Female Allen Heckla
Female Angie Etta  (b.1868)
Male Blasingame
Male Blasingame Harvey  (b.1858)
Male Charles W.  (b.1861)
Female Lovina  (b.1852)
Female Lucy Jane
Female Lydia Eldora  (b.1873)
Male Nathaniel Joseph Clinton  (b.1858)
Female Novia Osco  (b.1871)
Male Richard Murry  (b.1828)
Female Sina Ann  (b.1854)
Male Willis Jess  (b.1860)

Female Elisabeth
Female unk.
Female unk.
Female unk.

Family Index

Unk. Carr and Mary (Polly) Davis
Unknown Carr and unk.
Aaron Case and Anna Goble
Meshoch Case and Wife
Nathaniel Case and Lydia Johnston
Nathaniel Butler Case and unk.
Samuel Case and Mary (Polly) Davis
Elisha Davis and Nancy Case
Giles Davis and unk.
Moses Davis and Mary (Polly) Davis
David DeMoss and Hannah Case
Andrew Goble and Elizabeth (Betsy) Case
Thomas Goble and Rachel Case
Henry McMillin and Mary (Polly) Davis
Robert Simonton and Sarah Carr
Blasingame Wood and Elisabeth
Nathaniel Joseph Clinton Wood and Barbara Ann Carbough
Richard Murry Wood and Sarah Addline Case

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